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Summary Of Services

Designing, - All designs are created and planned using 3d design software, which will provide you with a realistic impression of how your prospective kitchen will look. These designs are printed out and left with the clients to mull over. We can supply you with several designs that will allow you to decide the best outcome for your kitchen. Also, we can provide you with hand drawn designs.

Electrical – We will undertake all types of electrical work within the kitchen. As fully qualified tradesman, we can operate with all the electrical requirements that need to be installed and fitted within the kitchen. These include installing sockets, ringmains and switches. In addition, we have an extensive range of lighting that can be fixed to ceilings, walls and cabinets, which can add some much needed brightness to your kitchen.

Building – We can embark on any minor building work that needs to be done in the kitchen or the surrounding rooms. For instance, we can build and fix walls and ceilings. In addition, we supply a plastering and flooring service, where we will be able to fit any tile or flooring that you desire to have in your kitchen. We will also fit and move windows. We will be able to tend to any joinery work that needs to be taken.

Plumbing - We will challenge any plumbing work that is required in your kitchen. Work that we will do includes relocating supplies and feeds, fixing and installing radiators and plinth heaters. All our gas works are conducted by engineers, who are Gas Safe registered. Certificates are supplied to you.

Kitchen Installation – All installation work is finished to the highest standards using quality machinery. All laminate worktops neatly scribed. Granite and Quartz tops are templated and fitted by professional stone masons.