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Minor Building Repairs

We offer a professional service with regards to any building works, which need to be undertaken. We do not conduct large scale building works; we focus on any building work that needs to be performed in order to necessitate any work in your kitchen. Therefore, we are happy to fix and build walls and ceilings to ensure that the structure is secure and that any previous damage is sought to. This will prevent you from encountering any future troubles and give you peace of mind.

We can also supply a plastering service and flooring service. With regards to our flooring service, we can firstly show you a selection of the tiles and laminates that we have at our disposal. Once you have decided upon the flooring, they will be fitted perfectly in order to provide you with a perfectly smooth and levelled floor. Similarly, our plastering service will ensure that your walls are smooth and clean to provide a perfect surface to work on afterwards. In addition, we have a joinery service, whereby, we can deal with any wood related issues in your kitchen, such as fitting the frames for your windows.